Escape to a ‘She Shed’/‘Man Cave’

Yes, you can have a room of your own!

A special feature from Leslie Zinberg & Kay Ziplow, founders

Well, we have all heard of ‘man- caves’, right? That place or room where our most special guys retreat to for a little time out as we say. Maybe you have heard the latest iteration in gender-specific escapes is the ‘she-shed’, or quite simply a place any one of us designates to call our own little escape place. So, ladies, it’s your time, and it’s your turn to create a ‘Me-shed/she shed’, whether it’s a backyard destination or an in-home space. Doesn’t matter- it’s all yours!

Me-shed/she shed’

And, gentlemen, if you don’t have this yet – well, get cracking! Yep, we are talking to you too. If you don’t have a ‘me-shed’, we’ve got you covered here. Everyone needs some private space to retreat, no matter where it is — inside the home or outside in your yard. Use all our information here and design your special “man cave”- we know you love this idea.

private space to retreat

Now, what exactly is a ‘me-shed’? It’s a place specifically designated for you and just you. Best part of all…you can use space inside your home or apartment that already exists. Start the transformation to your space and make it only yours! Go ahead, sit back and relax, enjoy a quiet area to gather your thoughts, read or write, listen to music, paint, watch TV, exercise or dance, play video games/pool. The list of possibilities is endless; call upon your imagination to explore all the things you could do to this space. You might want a desk, bookshelves, a great sound system, extra storage space, artwork/craft area, or whatever makes you feel like it’s 100% yours. Customize it to reflect who you are.

designated for you and just you

Or if available, utilize outdoor space and get into the ever-popular construction of something outside your home. Think grown-up backyard fun. No matter how you choose to use your ‘me-shed’, a space or room of your own can feel like a getaway you treat yourself to… without ever leaving home.

utilize outdoor space

Here are some great sites to explore ideas:
He and She Sheds

Your imagination is your only limitation of how you express your personal space and who you are. Go for it!

Hey- got some pictures or great ideas? Send them over and we’d love to post!