Grab Your Tweezers- Where did that little gray hair come from?

Oct 3, 2021 | Special Features by Leslie & Kay, founders

Grab Your Tweezers- Where did that little gray hair come from?
a special feature from Kay Ziplow & Leslie Zinberg, Founders GrandparentsLink

Hey, let’s face it… aging isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. How can 40 be the new 30, and 50 be the new 40?  Somehow, we think the mathematicians are all mixed up.  And even better… are they crazy? 60 is the new … oh forget it. Hopefully, you are lighthearted and open-minded enough to take a look in the mirror and laugh a little. After all, a sense of humor goes a long, long way!

We’d like to believe that age is really nothing but a number, but our social media and such really create a world where embracing age and promoting the beauty of aging is a nearly impossible feat. Daily reminders flash before us in every corner of life to let us know, those over 50, are OVER 50!  Until recently, we didn’t even see many 60, 70, or 80-year-olds grace the cover of anything. Now, thanks to Maye Musk and Helen Mirren, things are starting to change.

And, just as we (hopefully) take time to enjoy this journey of our life, we begin to ponder: where do all those little gray whiskers and hairs come from? Do you have a clue?? Where were they living before? Suffice to say, we never invited them into our personal space – do you know anyone who did? ‘Be gone’ is our command, and with that, we sprint to pick up the tweezers or run really fast to the salon. Maybe this contributes to the reason why we haven’t become the next cover girls. Ah, at least someone should have been honest and told us why!

All kidding aside, age is totally irrelevant as to what we can accomplish, learn or embrace. We are proud of where we are and how old we are. Aging is an opportunity, not a door shut. Our lives in the vertical state should welcome all the pleasures, challenges, epiphanies, and daily chances, in order to live, love and experience life.  Your life is a story — share it, and touch others with your presence.

Simple advice for living? Get rid of anyone who uses the words: can’t, never, or won’t – and reach for those in your circle who will talk about: potentials, thrills, life’s fullness, and positive expressions that are stimulating.  While Nike coined the phrase ages ago: ‘Just do it’, we’ve coined our own and say, ‘Grab it’. Take the reins of life and gallop forward – just be sure you always pack your tweezers.

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Keep Humor in Your Life

Keep Humor in Your Life

It’s so important in this complicated world we live in that we need to keep humor close to our hearts, and be receptive to living our lives packed with smiles and fullness.  In doing so, it gives each one of us the ability to laugh harder at what comes our way at any time.


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