In Honor of Moms Everywhere-Let’s Celebrate!

May 8, 2022 | Special Features by Leslie & Kay, founders

In Honor of Moms Everywhere-Let’s Celebrate!

a special feature from Kay Ziplow  & Leslie Zinberg, founders

Today is Mother’s Day – a time to recognize, value, and support Mothers everywhere. While some people may have regrets about their own ‘mom relationships’, think about putting all the negative thoughts aside and letting them go. Instead, spend time today and embrace with gratitude the efforts a Mother puts forth in her lifetime. Take this opportunity to turn to your daughter, or daughter-in-law, or your mother or friends, and let them know how truly special and unique they are.

Maybe, there’s simply the question:
Why do mothers make it a point to ensure the happiness of children?
We can say it’s innate to motherhood. We can call it the law of nature. What we often overlook is the happiness they derive from the laughter and contentment of a child. The efforts Moms take to make sure of their child’s well-being is probably the only untainted love we experience. In this regard, we see why the ancient texts referred to the mother as a god. It’s precisely why the phrase, “a mother is the child’s first teacher” is universally true. When and what we begin to learn, is realized by imitating our mother. It’s no wonder Mothers are first to spot the slightest change in a child’s behavior, at any age. If your face holds a mirror to the mind, your mother is the first one to see the real picture. A Mother has insight like no other.

The most prominent of questions we face is, “How do you reciprocate this motherly care and concern?” The answer is: appreciation and esteem. Today express all that you feel, as this is the best way to honor any mother. Women are the powerhouse of our families, and our lives. Step back, look back, remember, and respect…for a mother is the greatest gift of all. Treasure her with love.

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