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I had to say goodbye to a dear friend of mine this week. Someone I loved, laughed with, cried with, worked with and admired. You know her too, Kay Ziplow, a woman of great spirit… She created this website with me, we wrote and kept it going together. She was smart, clever, funny, and gallant in her fight to live, which she lost on Friday.

Cancer, you miserable menace, how dare you take her from me, from her loving family, from her friends, from the game of golf she loved… From her husband Todd and her daughter Jessica, husband Mark, and her grandchildren, who she lived for. She was and always will be, as good as it gets. My true companion in every way. But there is this…The lovely thing about writing about her is that I realize I am not saying goodbye. The terrible pain of losing her will eventually fade and be replaced with all the good times we shared…the memories of the beaches, dinners, and freedom in the Hawaiian Islands’ sun and splashing waters we both enjoyed. Her love will live forever with me, and all of us that knew her, and read her great work here on Grandparentslink, which will continue in her honor. G-dspeed Kay, my dear sister, you are alive in my broken heart and will be forever.

Love you, Leslie

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  1. Pat Johnson

    I’m broken hearted. Kay was a kind and remarkable friend. Tod and all of her family is in my prayers. She was such a joyful and giving person. I was privileged to know her for the blink of an eye that we did in Hawaii. May she rest in peace until we meet again. Pat Johnson

  2. Donna m

    Oh, what a sad thing to read this morning! I am so sorry for your loss and for Kay’s family’s loss. Cancer is a horrible disease and I’ve known people who have survived its grip and ones who have not. I haven’t been a newsletter subscriber for long, but I just want you to know I’ve always enjoyed your content and am so grateful to have received them.

    My prayers go out to you as you navigate these next months and years without your friend. May Leslie rest in peace now.



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