It’s Okay…Press the “Mute” Button

Dec 26, 2021 | Special Features by Leslie & Kay, founders

It’s Okay…Press the “Mute” Button

a special feature from Kay Ziplow & Leslie Zinberg, Founders

Holiday time and knowing that a new year approaches we find ourselves out of breath so to speak! Come to think of it, our daily lives are so very busy that rarely do we intentionally indulge and hit the “mute” button.  If you already do this, you are one of the lucky ones who have come to realize that once in a while, this is an important personal exercise for your physical and mental being.   Hitting your personal mute button doesn’t mean you are disconnected; rather it infers how truly connected you are.  Because our lives are bombarded with consistent stimulus and distractions and routines that comprise the function of our day, we need to take that step back and shut it all down and retrieve a moment or two to feel ourselves and our own presence as we navigate the busy world in which we live. Here’s two simple and mindful suggestions we have for you, and yes, you are worth it. 

Go ahead and walk outside:
Focus on something that you don’t ordinarily take time to observe and create your own personal intention by doing this. Make a point to look at a tree, a leaf, a flower, or a cloud in the sky.  Indulge by making yourself take notice. Being outside in nature as you look around has restorative powers that poets and writers have been praising for centuries.  This is a subliminal and revitalizing reminder that we are part of the natural order. 

Listen to a bird sing:
As trite as it may sound, how many times can you actually say that you intended to focus on the sound of a bird? Try to listen to something of nature around you that perhaps may slip past you in your daily routine. Forget about obligation, forget about your crowded calendar, forget about the mess in the house, or the next activity in your schedule. By doing so, you will feel empowered that yes, you can control what you want to focus on.  

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