Looking Inside (all around me that is)

a special feature from co-founder Kay Ziplow

So now that it’s been several weeks of a state ordered ‘stay – in -place’, I find that with relatively much imagination, a sense of humor, and a real thirst for finding the glass half full…I am less worried about myself than all the other things I have no control over. After all, as I think most of you would agree…why get angry when anger does no good?

As I look around, take stock, and maybe use this time for some much-needed personal reflection and assessment, why not turn this time into a most productive movement for self-improvement. I mean who couldn’t use a little evaluation here and there?

I for one, am more concerned about all our health care workers, our military personnel, police and fire responders, and those who are risking themselves on the front lines of this horrible war zone of an invisible virus. And, I am concerned for my family and friends and all the nation. It has been particularly hard being so very far away from our own family and grandchildren. The separation is definitely wearing, trying, and tense at times when we finally get to communicate. But throughout it all, we know that we are together, we are a family, and we have each other’s backs – always. There are definitely better times ahead.

I think so often of my own daughter inside with her two children, learning a new way to school at home just like everyone else, and dealing as a mother does with all that she has on her plate. One thing I do know, is that with a little chuckle here and there, a bit of laughter is exactly the cure for the situation we all find ourselves living in. So what if there’s school work papers everywhere, or Legos piled high as a mess, or our lives are off kilter? Regardless of whether you are a mom, grandmother/grandfather or just plain cooped up…. maybe a couple of these little thoughts will bring a smile to your day…

  • first and foremost, start every day grateful…… be grateful for the health of your family- be grateful for the happiness of your animals – they are living their best lives having you around 24/7!
  • take stock about your own situation and always be aware there are deeper hardships than yours
  • when you feel like pulling your hair out, just go ahead and pluck some eyebrows- much easier and less painful – or find some stray black hairs
  • don’t resort to food as your savior, you will only pay for it later – but keep plenty of chocolate on hand- it’s a comfort food
  • even though each day may feel ‘groundhogish’…each day becomes an opportunity to wear a different pair of elastic waist pants- but go ahead and put on some jeans from time to time just to make sure they still fit!
  • take time out of the day to connect with others via face time, skype, zoom, or the phone- don’t create social isolation… this goes for the kids too; parents need to set up facetimes with their friends and give them some privacy to talk and be silly- isolation affects children as well
  • don’t close your eyes and dream of someone on an island where the sun is shining all day, the birds are singing, and smells of fresh plumeria fill the air…life right now is forever changed everywhere for everyone – the grass is not greener
  • create boundaries in your own home with your spouse- use the bathroom with the door closed as your temple of privacy- use this time wisely to create a quiet space all yours and only yours- my own grown daughter uses ‘bathroom time’ to file her nails and immerse herself in some quiet sanity, until of course there’s a knock at the door
  • reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to or communicated with in a long time- take this time to re-connect, and just let someone know you are thinking of them

Finally, find a moment that makes you just take a step away from it all- let your brain rest, and don’t fixate on what’s definitely not important. No one cares if you are perfectly coiffed, or your make up is on properly, or if you have abundant grays that inhabit your hairline roots- none of this matters… not now, and matter of fact, not ever!