U Can Do It - Get Organized!

a special feature from Leslie and Kay

When you organize your life and your home nest, it makes you feel so good and brand new. Now that Spring is here, we want to share some of our tips and tricks that we picked up during this past quarantine to give your home the refresh and organization that will not only make you smile from ear to ear, but will help improve you with your day to day, all while enjoying your beautiful home!

The Home Edit Book

1. Start with Inspiration!
We stumbled upon a new NETFLIX series called The Home Edit and fell in love…(with organizing!?!?!?) Building on the popularity of their first book, The Home Edit creators go beyond pantries and bookshelves to help bring calm to all aspects of everyday living.  In their latest book, The Home Edit Life,  authors Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, merge organization with beautiful design so you can tackle office space, holiday storage, luggage and so much more. Learn how to set up a system that works for you. Embrace your style. Create a smart, pretty space for you and your family – including your pet. No matter who you are, this book can be the first step to finding genius organizing ideas to every area of your life. Get a copy of The Home Edit Book Here!

Pantry Organizers

2. Tackle the Pantry!
Its time to admit that we have all become hoarders in our pantry’s. Sometimes we don’t even really dig hard to look for things because we’re truly scared to see what we will find!  And it doesn’t have to be a so-called pantry…a junk drawer or closet can always use some help. We took inspiration from The Home Edit and checked out their line at The Container Store to help us with our pantry and drawer “renovations”. And, sometimes, getting started is the hardest part of getting organized. Fear no more because there are Starter Kits . All the essentials to get those scary places organized and in order are included, plus you will find solutions that you never dreamed of.


3. Get all those photos off your phone, and into a photo book!
We know how much everyone loves to receive all those thousands of new grandbaby and family photos, so now is your time to put them to good use and put them in a photo book.  It’s all about getting organized – a key word for us this Spring!  This is a great touch to any living room, adding the perfect coffee table book for you to enjoy rather than have them stuck in the cloud somewhere. Shutterfly.com makes it SO EASY to do that, even we figured it out! Create your own photobook here!

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