What Grandparents Give to Healthy Relationships with Grandkids

a special feature from Kay Ziplow and Leslie Zinberg, founders of grandparentslink

Grandparenting- it’s an adrenaline shot of extra energy that is restorative, an option to bring out the youthfulness in your life. Most importantly, being a grandparent gives us purpose. Protect yourself against depression, boost your brain function (you’ve got to be on your toes!), and make sure to take care of your body so that you will get to enjoy the love from your grandchildren for many years to come!

Here are 6 things that grandparenting can do for you! What? You thought only vitamins are good for you?!

Being a grandparent, you become a…

As elders, grandparents hold the key to your family’s history.
-tell stories
-share pictures
-take family history trips
-create a family tree

Grandparents provide a safe harbor, helping the grandkids feel loved and secure.
-keep an open door
-welcome confidences
-listen with a nonjudgmental attitude

With your years of experience, grandparents can guide grandkids on the path of life.
-offer encouragement
-believe in their dreams
-nurture their strengths

Grandparents can be a friend and fun-loving playmate in the lives of grandchildren.
-engage in play – get silly
-go to parks
-enjoy kids’ energy

Role model
Grandchildren will often look up to grandparents. Your actions speak volumes about:
-how to relate and how to communicate
-what’s right and wrong (values)
-what’s important and what is not

Spiritual guide
This is a powerful role that can have a profound and lasting effect on your grandchildren’s lives.
-spend time in nature
-engage in charity and show by example
-listen to their ideas and keep yourself current

And the list goes on and on and on!