When Just the Little Things Count…Being a grandparent can take you to a place where your heart becomes fuller and melts with every moment spent with the grandkids…

One of our readers recently shared this story with us, and we just had to pass it along:

“My mom and dad finally were able to come to our new home for the first time ever in almost a year. It was surreal to think that we haven’t been able to physically be together at all, and I don’t care how many Facetimes, or Zoom connections we make- it just isn’t the same.  My two children ages 5 and 8 were ecstatic to think that Pops and Nana would be here for the week. Every corner of every room was transformed into neatness, and tidy spaces, giving way to how proud we were to show off our new place. My husband even went and organized the garage as we baked cookies and yummy things to put in the freezer for the time they would be here.  The excitement was overwhelming for each of us!

Now after my parents were here for three days, I noticed that each morning, our daughter would wait until Pops and Nana were finished with their coffee and with such excitement, she would take them on a tour of the home. Again, and again, and again! Every day, every room was described in great detail and certainly my parents were beyond patient as their granddaughter gave them an overview of all the contents.  By the 4th day, I gently pulled my mom and dad aside far away from my daughter’s earshot.

‘You know you both could tell Amanda you have seen this each and every day of your visit now for four days,’ I quietly said.

My mother gently placed her hand on mine; ‘Melissa, we have waited almost a whole year to see you all, and have you seen how happy and how proud she is?’ She quickly added, ‘There’s no way that your father and I would ever miss one second or the opportunity to see our granddaughter smile…over and over and over!’”

And yes, that’s the power of grandparents, and the simplicity of love!