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10 Gifts for Grandparents

10 Gifts for Grandparents

Here we go again…time to think about holiday gifts. Do your children and grandchildren ask you year after year, “What would you like? Is there something special we can get you?” So often, we answer these questions with, “Oh, I really don’t need anything. Or just get me a small gift certificate to _____.” This year, give them some real answers to their questions.

Here is a list to consider. Some of these presents will not cost anything but time and love.

— An hour with your grandchildren coaching you with Internet tips, or how to use your new mobile device. Just one single hour for you to ask all your questions and have them answered!  Even your 5 year-old grandchild can give you this gift.

–An hour where your grandchildren tell you about their favorite apps, and they help you download them into your iPhone or iPad. Go to and learn about the best rated apps.

–A photo session with the grandkids where it’s just about the grandparents and the grandchildren…Mom and Dad can be the photographers.

–Your grandchildren write a story about you, or you make up stories together.

–Let your grandchildren ask you out, and make the plans. Of course, you may need to be the driver. Wouldn’t it be fun to see where they want to take YOU? Then take pictures and put together a little book filled with memories of your special time together.

–Plant an herb garden together, and watch it groooow.

–Your grandchild selects a book that you read together, just the two of you. If it is a chapter book or a book of fables, this is even better because the gift of reading together will last even longer.

–Ask for a photo album filled with pictures of you and the family.

–Suggest getting a membership to one of your grandchildren’s favorite museums so you can visit often and together.

–Plan a family movie night with a sleepover. Suggest a new movie that they have not seen, such as a musical.

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