Give the gift of Pley to your grandchildren this holiday season! Specializing in LEGO sets as well as other fun educational toys, Pley is a toy rental service, which has been delighting over 300,000 Pleyers with unlimited fun. Pley is a favorite solution for kids, parents and grandparents alike.

Why Pley?

10 great reasons to give PLEY-photo #2

  • You’ll be giving your grandchildren constant access to a wide range of educational toys without any of the stress that normally goes with picking out multiple gifts
  • Pley has over 400 different LEGO sets to choose from and they are constantly increasing their portfolio of other educational, fun and unique toys.
  • It’s like the holidays are on a loop – kids receive new toys throughout the month, every month, bringing smiles to their faces each time they receive their blue box of fun.
  • Each time a Pley box is delivered, your grandkids will think of you and the joy they are getting from your gift.
  • Kids won’t get bored with their toy, nor will it end up discarded in the cupboard. Once they’re done playing, they simply switch it out for a new toy.
  • Toy rentals are unlimited! Yes that’s right, every member can rent unlimited toys each month with Pley at no extra cost.
  • Kids will learn the benefits of sharing and taking responsibility for toys while having fun.
  • Gift plans are available to buy at a click of the button.
  • Pley is really easy to set up and kids can select all their favorite toys to rent.
  • It’s the perfect gift, guaranteed to delight your grandchildren over and over again

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