Well here we go! Our toy experts at Second Star Toys are giving you the best advice on where all the fun is…


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5 of the hottest summer toy picks #11) Outdoor Hanging Crow’s Nest from La Siesta – $119.99

Hang out in this cool outdoor swing. Made of weatherproof fabrics, kids will have so much fun spinning, swinging, or reading a good book. Ages 3+ Supports up to 150lbs.



5 of the hottest summer toy picks #22) Spikeball Combo Pack from Kankakee – $59.99

A cool new game, perfect for the beach! A cross between volleyball and 4-square, each team of players take turns spiking, or bouncing the ball into a flat net while the other team must spike it back. The game ends when one team gets 21 points.


5 of the  hottest summer toy picks #33) Swim Goggles from Bling2O – $19.99-22.99

Why wear ordinary goggles when you can swim in style? From rhinestones to sprinkles, every little swimmer can feel like a superstar! Car-themed goggles are also available for the little race-car-drivers out there too! Ages 3-13


5 of the hottest summer toy picks #44) Water Balloon Pump from Pumponator – $14.99

Take water balloon fun to a new level! Packed with 300 biodegradable water balloons, the pumping station is designed to make filling water balloons easy an hassle-free. Kid invented and kid approved!


5 of the hottest summer toy picks #55) Safety Glo Nets from Tweber – $14.99-19.99

Made in the USA, Tweber’s durable and colorful bug nets help kids catch beautiful butterflies, ladybugs, and more! Available in two sizes!