Yes, memories can last forever! Get your photos organized – after all, haven’t you been meaning to frame certain shots forever? These eight ingenious ideas will help you get pictures out of the attic (or off the iPhone) and into your life!

  1. Picture Puzzle– Just upload your treasured snapshot and choose between the 60-piece or the more challenging 252-piece option.
  2. Decal gallery– Why not have a series of related images printed as removable photo decals? No frames required! When you feel like changing it up, peel off and reapply!
  3. Art & Artist book– Combine candids of your little painter and her favorite masterpieces in a neat, soft-cover tome. Or, pair recipes with photos of family gatherings for an equally sweet keepsake.
  4. Photo play– Another way to toy with snapshots? Make a memory game of them. Upload images of your family’s favorite people, places and things for a boxed matching game. A nice way to familiarize your little ones with their faraway cousins.
  5. Days of our lives– A photo calendar isn’t a new idea, but the clean lines, exquisite font, and clever clipper here elevate the form- and inspire you to find your very best shots.
  6. Memory immersion– For a heavy dose of happiness, collect photos from a sentimental period- like a school year or the span from pregnancy though baby’s first birthday- and assemble them into a collage at A blend of black and white and color is particularly striking.
  7. Sticker sets– Cats, dogs, beachside toes, nature details, bffs- whatever it is you (or your kids) like to snap- can be reborn as tiny stickers to adorn binders, embellish envelopes, or collect in a book. They’re smaller than a postage stamp, so stock up with close ups!
  8. Magnetic Mini Album– Treat your refrigerator to a vacation- flip through while waiting for a bagel to toast or water to boil. Three books come in an order, keep one and give the others to friends who came on the trip.

*Article excerpts reprinted from Real Simple Magazine, January 2015.