A Big Shout out to every father out there- Happy Father’s Day

Jun 18, 2023 | Latest & Greatest

A Big Shout out to every father out there- Happy Father’s Day
Take today to celebrate all those special men that are in your life!

And, can you believe that coupled with their special day, we’ve got even more to celebrate-
In just three days, Summer is upon us – so let’s take time to embrace just that and forget the long January days when it was freezing and dark by 4: 30 pm and our motivation to go out was close to zero. Erase all those memories now that Summer is here because we’re ready to change our mindset for the warm season! While we know some people have a hard time coming out of hibernation,  here’s 10 ways to prepare yourself for summer and spring out of the seasons behind us now.

#1. A Mantra
The first and only rule for having a ‘beach body’ is to take your body and head to the beach and feel the sand between your toes!  Let’s make this our mantra. Being beautiful is all about feeling beautiful, and we do not need to get hung up on unrealistic expectations or stereotypes.

#2. Begin to Unwind
The days are longer, happier and a little lazier. This laziness can be a good thing and at certain points, in the day we can indulge in it. A sense of tranquility, balanced control and peacefulness can allow the mind to stop racing, calm down and focus. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take the time to breathe deeply (sounds clichéd but it’s proven to work!).

#3. Keep Up Your Exercise Routine
When it comes to preparing ourselves for being more outdoors during the summer, there are two alternatives. One is simply maintaining your year-round exercise routine, and the other is to use this routine as your basis and add something new for a bit of added variety.

#4. Something New
Good weather makes us feel more inspired, creative, and daring. It’s a good idea to track your progress when starting a new activity or challenge, so you are encouraged as you start to reach your goals. Be it reaching a new personal best say in an exercise class we participate in , or surprising ourselves by overcoming our fears and trying a new activity (like an Aerial Fusion, or an inversion-therapy Yoga swing!), this is a great way to stay motivated and focused. Try it – you might like it!

#5. Tackle Insecurities
It’s the perfect time to include exercises and activities that can help us feel good about ourselves and a little less self-conscious when the time comes to put on those summer clothes. Focusing on what we consider ‘trouble areas’ and tackling them can increase our sense of accomplishment and calm feelings of anxiety which lead to a better you.

#6. Get the Tan
For some, the best thing about summer is the natural golden glow of skin and hair. But more important than getting our daily dose of Vitamin D or a healthy tan, is making sure we keep safe, and protected from the sun.  If you’d like to kick-start your days at the beach with a nice tan, remember that sunbeds and tanning machines are not a healthy option, but you can always opt for a spray tan, done professionally in a salon or at home. If you are trying it at home, remember that dryer areas of our skin (knees and elbows for instance) will absorb more product and are at higher risk of turning orange. Moisturize well before you apply the tanning product to reduce this effect. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

#7. Summer Beauty
Skin and hair get a lot of abuse during the summer months – they tend to dry out and become course from sun exposure, chlorine,  saltwater and heat damage. Indulge in your own DIY Spa for hair and skin and have fun creating amazing products from the natural products in your pantry.

#8. Summer Diet
During warmer days, our need to stay hydrated naturally increases. Drinking plenty of water is important, so make hydration more delicious with flavored water that you can create yourself at home. We found this amazing water bottle that has space for your desired fruit, it makes it so easy and refreshing! There are plenty of foods with a high-water content that can be easily included in our diet. From watermelon to cucumber, fresh and delicious seasonal produce offers us countless benefits.

#9. Make Changes
When seasons change so should we. It’s the perfect time to adapt not only what we wear, but also our surroundings and the areas we spend most of our time in. Mark a day in your diary to create a wardrobe inventory, giving away what is just taking up space and hasn’t been used in the past year; this is a good rule of thumb to decide what should stay and what should go. Create a mental image of what you want to achieve, envisage the perfect end result, and if the object doesn’t fit the vision, then it’s time to give it away.

#10. Live in the Present – and Relive It
Summertime usually means a new experience or maybe a vacation. We spend all year craving a little extra time to spend with our loved ones. Don’t just photograph and ‘selfie’ your way through summer this year. Get a box for all your memories and save the amazing moments you’ll want to remember later. You can bring home a shell you got at the beach, a movie ticket stump or even the cork from a great bottle of wine you shared with friends. It can all go right into your box of memories and precious moments.



*Portions reprinted from: https://www.holmesplace.com/en/en/blog/wellness/prepare-for-summer-10-ways-to-prepare-your-mind-body-and-soul 

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