A Perfect Book About Grandparents and a Terrific Read for Grandkids!
Here at Grandparentslink, we are clearly devoted to being the best grandparents we can be. The only thing is, sometimes “Grandparents” get a bad wrap for being very old, tired, lazy and maybe even a little boring…..BUT NOT US! Today’s grandparents are bold, imaginative, talented men and woman who do what they love with those they love. Whether it’s cooking, arts & crafts, hiking, biking, playing sports, reading, or traveling, grandparents are more active than ever in their grandchildren’s lives.

Recently we were gifted a great children’s book that had our names all over it – literally. I Have a Grandma Who… is by Rosemary Zibart with illustrations by Valori Herzlich. As a grandmother from Santa Fe, author Zibart shatters the grandma stereotypes with this sweet book all about today’s grandmother/grandfather who is active, vibrant and full of passion. This story reports on how grandparents help their grandchildren reach their full potential. According to the Foundation of Grandparenting, when kids develop a strong bond with their grandparents, they feel more secure and even do better in school. Grandparents can help grandchildren develop higher self-esteem and stronger emotional and social skills by spending unhurried time with them and providing wisdom and guidance.

This ‘grand generation’ is even more important when children live in busy, two-job or single-parent families. Children who spend time with their grandparents have a better sense of who they are and where they’ve come from. They have roots, a history, and a sense of belonging.

Children will love Herzlich’s illustrations. They are life-like yet entertaining, and will get your grandchildren imagining their goofy grandparents as they turn from page to page.

I Have a Grandma Who will be a hit with any child that has a grandparent figure in their life. Pick up a copy of the book and see for yourself (and your grandkids) — just to remind you how GREAT we grandparents are!

Go to: https://www.amazon.com/have-Grandma-who-Rosemary-Zibart/dp/1929115253