Ageism & Wisdom

A candid look at life, love, and living…

This seems to be our week of hearing from compelling older women.  Recently we interviewed an almost 80-year-old friend of ours and loved hearing her perspective on life. Here are her inspiring thoughts:

1. I love my family and friends more than anything. And now, I am learning to love myself.

2. I have learned to say “thank you” to compliments. Better yet, I love to give compliments; it always makes the recipient feel good and appreciated.

3. I cannot solve all the problems in the world. I wish I could, but it is not my responsibility to take on every problem. I am learning to “let go”.

4. I have stopped telling my friends that they have told me a particular story over and over again. It makes them feel good to tell the story and relive the past.

5. I tip more than I used to. We all work hard and deserve to be rewarded.

6. I am learning not to correct people when they are wrong. It only ends up in a “bickering-fest”. Peace is more valuable.

7. If someone tries to outrun me in life or in my car, I let them. I do not need to win.

8. I am no longer afraid to show my emotions. They are part of who I am.

9. In a relationship, my ego is no longer the most important factor. I would rather keep the relationship than end up alone with my ego.

10. I live each day as if it is my last. I stay in the moment.  Who knows, it really could be my last day.