The Amazing Sophie la Girafe

Sep 5, 2013 | Latest & Greatest

With over fifty million sold world wide, Sophie la Girafe (from France) is found in almost every new baby’s gift basket, nursery or diaper bag. Sophie is THE fixture for soothing a teething baby and is without a doubt on every parents “must-have” list. Maybe you already know about Sophie! But if not, we suggest that you go right now and get one, or two, because you will want to have one in your bag when it’s your day to watch!

For Sophie the Giraffe Teether, go to:

In addition, Sophie la Girafe now has a new story collection, which is incredible! There are a total of four books available, each with its own unique appeal — and a perfect accompaniment to Sophie! One book has fun flaps just perfect for little hands to interact and explore; another embraces a variety of textures for the young developing mind; and another inspires early word and object recognition. The fourth book explores the most favorite interaction: playing a simple game of peekaboo.

Sophie la Girafe and the collection of Sophie books are true winners. We have them right here for you… just a click away.

Peekaboo Sophie

Sophie’s Busy Day

Let’s Get Counting


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