Entertain, engage, and inspire your grandchildren with the Brainfeed app

Brainfeed is an iPad app offering hand-picked, age-appropriate, visually stimulating videos that are inspiring for children ages seven and older, tweens, teens…and even ‘grandparents’. This app gives readers access to over 100 free videos, which break down into nine different categories: science, geography, tech and design, English, arts and music, the human body, social studies, math, and career-based information. Each video is pulled from the internet and placed into the appropriate category. A search feature is also available at the top of the screen if your grandchild is looking for specific information.

Subscribers have access to all content in the app, and subscriptions come in three forms: a one-month subscription ($1.99), a six-month subscription ($8.99), and a full year subscription ($14.99). The app currently has over 1000 videos, each 10 minutes or less, and new videos are added weekly.

If you have inquisitive grandchildren who are eager to learn about the world around them, then Brainfeed is the app to have at your fingertips. Find answers to intriguing questions like:

-How does the brain work?

-Does space go on forever?

-How can you outrun a cheetah?

-How big is the ocean?

-Is time travel possible?

-Can we record dreams?

Brainfeed App-Photo #2

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