Club Eimmie Baking
Ok grandparents… this is it! You’ve been waiting for something that is so special for your grandchild just in time for the holidays, and we got it right here for you. Oh, and did we mention Club Eimmie is perfect for birthdays or just any special day?

Club Eimmie Awards

Look no further, we love the idea of Club Eimmie – the gift that keeps giving all year round, and definitely builds upon your special relationship with your grandchild every month.

Club Eimmie is a subscription service that automatically delivers a new adventure to your grandchild’s doorstep every month. Each month they will receive a themed outfit for an “18-inch doll,” like an American Girl doll, unique accessories, exclusive email content including Eimmie adventure stories, and a postcard they’ll enjoy coloring — they can even send it to you!

Eimmie Doll

Your grandchild will be reminded of you with each delivery. You’ll be there for every adventure they go on as they grow and create meaningful childhood memories. Imagine receiving monthly phone calls from your grandchild, hearing their excitement as they describe what they received in their Playtime Pack and what adventures they will go on.

Be the grandparent they will never forget as they grow older. Grow that special bond with them using the dolls and toys they already love. Have a reason to keep in touch on a regular basis if you live far away. The benefits of Club Eimmie go beyond the superficial. Get your first month for only $10.00 and your grandchild will receive their Intro Playtime Pack within just a few days.

If you’re ready to help your grandchild explore their imagination, subscribe to Club Eimmie today and let the adventure begin!