Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023

May 28, 2023 | Latest & Greatest

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023
Let’s celebrate and embrace all those guys in our lives, making their day extra special! And, while many of us struggle as we look for the perfect or fitting gift, we have some great gift suggestions, so read on.

A more personal approach, is to ask Dad – what does he want to eat? What activities sound good to him? Try to gear the day toward things you know he enjoys. What would he like his special day to feel like? Is there a particular gift he really wants?

Despite you asking, many dads don’t want a fuss made over them. And they may not share anything with you about what they expect from Father’s Day. A little thought can go a long way and make the day particularly touching—especially if you don’t spend as much time together these days as you once did. 

Facebook’s Portal

Here are some things to think about when planning your celebration. 
– Favorite food, movie, activities, music, etc.
– Sharing your memories about your dad and spending a little ‘him’ time
– Acts of service that will make his day easier- get out and do something together

smart doorbell

Put Thought behind a Gift 
Finding that perfect one is a challenge;  it can be trickier to find something unique that he doesn’t have, but will still enjoy. It also opens new opportunities to explore a different and interesting surprise. For example, Facebook’s Portal: A video calling device that’s designed to bring families together, or a smartwatch that can help you keep track of them in case they wander.  Yes, they are ready for one!

Most of us  enjoy embracing new technologies that make our lives easier, too. Consider a smart doorbell or a virtual home assistant to help manage daily tasks. Or a digital picture frame that you can update with new pictures of the grandkids.
 digital picture frame

For the jet-setting dad
For the dad who refuses to check his bags (but insists on being prepared for any weather situation), a set of packing cubes can help him organize — and fit — all his gear into a carry-on. Contributor Foster Kamer, a self-proclaimed “compulsive overpacker,” calls this set from Eagle Creek “the nesting doll of luggage.”
For the jet-setting dad

For the dad who’s always prepared
In the case of a blackout (or worse), survivalists and other experts tell us that a hand-crank radio is an essential element of any emergency-preparedness kit. Kaito’s shortwave radios are a favorite among preppers, and this model, the KA500, can be powered by battery, solar, hand-crank, USB, or wall outlet. It’s also water-resistant.

For the dad who’s particular about his coffee …
If your dad wants his at-home coffee to taste as good as a cup made by a barista, he’ll appreciate this Chemex pour-over, which comes highly recommended!
For the dad who’s particular about his coffee

For the dad who babies the dog
A plush chaise lounge with a supportive orthopedic foam base, because your dad’s best friend deserves the best.
For the dad who babies the dog

Get ready to celebrate Dad!

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