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For That Sweet Guy in your Life!

For That Sweet Guy in your Life!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, before you know it you’ll be looking for some great ideas. We have it right here for you. How lucky are we to have a guy in our life, like a fabulous grandpa, wonderful son, incredible son-in-law or just a friend? Pretty special, huh?

for that sweet guy 02Everyone no doubt has some sort of ‘sweet tooth’ so why not play into their vice and fill up a basket of goodies from Here you won’t believe your eyes; it’s a candy destination shop filled with all your favorite childhood, nostalgic and retro candy from A to Z. The selection online is so delicious; it’s hard to choose since there’s so much variety and assortment. Enjoy shopping down memory lane and stocking up on a special ‘bucket’ filled with items like: Banana Splits, Turkish Taffy, Jawbreakers, Ice Cubes, Clark Bars to Chiclets, or choose from lollipops of all sizes, licorice, and sugar free candy to international delights such as Happy Hippo’s, Curly Wurly, Smarties and Toffee Crisp. And last but not least, all the traditional selections are available as well, such as Gummy products, M & M’s, Chocolate Graham Crackers.

Special orders are no problem, and they ship anywhere in the US. Just visit their site, fill out the order, and viola’ before you know it, there’s some sweet treats for that special guy in your life! You can contact them by phone: 718.422.1333 (they’re in Brooklyn, NY) or online @

All photos compliments of Dewey’s Candy

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