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Aug 10, 2017 | Latest & Greatest

These smartphone apps will keep your family’s nutritional needs in check.*

Today there’s an app for everything, like finding a babysitter, or planning your child’s next birthday party. The possibilities are endless. Now there are apps that help you grocery shop based on your family’s dietary preferences, or cook dinner with a virtual sous chef by your side. But how do you know which apps to trust? To help you weed through the clutter, we’re highlighting our top picks for food apps that will simplify your life inside (and out) of the kitchen.

  1. HONEY-Recently launched by two registered dietitians (and moms), HONEY specializes in nine health categories: buzz, fertile, fit, healthy, hearty, kid, lite, sugar, and tasty. Choose a category that fits your needs and receive diet tips, food product reviews, and overall health recommendations from certified experts in that field. (Available for free on iTunes, Google Play, and
  1. Ingredient1- If you or your children adhere to a strict diet due to allergies or personal preferences, the grocery store aisles can often be your worst nightmare. Instead of sulking over what you can’t have, Ingredient1 offers a solution to this tiresome problem by suggesting thousands of foods that you can Just program your settings (e.g., GMO-free, organic, kosher), choose what type of food you’re in the mood for, and the app will pull together a list of everything that’s A-OK to eat. It even allows you to locate the product at the nearest store and share your finds with your friends. (Available for free on iTunes.)
  1. Ipiit-If someone in your family suffers from food allergies, this app might be for you. ipiit prompts you to input your allergies (gluten, dairy, egg) and then allows you to simply scan a product’s barcode to check for those ingredients. With a growing database of nearly 300,000 items, the app does the work for you so you don’t have to waste time squinting over the fine print. (Available for free on iTunes, Android, and com)
  1. Green Light Foods- Want to get your kids involved in learning about nutrition? Green Light Foods gives users a visual concept of how foods line up on the health scale. Scan a product’s barcode and you’ll get a red, yellow, or green traffic light symbol indicating its health rating. The app analyzes the item and instantly tells you if it has a low, moderate, or high concentration of fat, saturated fat, sodium, and sugar. Can’t find your food? The app allows you to manually input an item’s nutritional values and then provides you with feedback. (Available for free on iTunes and Google Play.)


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