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Jun 19, 2014 | Experts Corner, Latest & Greatest

Being a grandparent is a big responsibility. Agree? We believe it’s important to have all the great resources and information at hand to do the ‘job’ as best as possible. Grandparentslink.com is dedicated to delivering you the finest recommendations. As a special part of our community, we have a lovely free offer.

A GRAND Gift for YOU!

GRAND – The Magazine for GRANDparents & Their Families

Just click below and you’ll have access to a free ($19.95 value) subscription!


GRAND Magazine is a wonderful online (digital) magazine for grandparents and families. Their mission is simple: “to provide grandmas and grandpas of all ages and in all stages of life both information and inspiration”, states Christine Crosby, Founder & Editorial Director. She further comments; “we’ve created a world that celebrates the joys and tackles the challenges of one of life’s sweetest experiences – having grandchildren.”

Grandparentslink gives GRAND Magazine two thumbs up. We think you will love this addition to your online favorites

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Best Books in Our Bag!

Best Books in Our Bag!

Okay- as grandparents we have spent countless hours reading Goodnight Moon and so many other children’s stories to our beautiful grandchildren- yes?! Absolutely! So, here’s a little something for you, the grandparents, to enjoy just for yourself when you find that quiet time. And, remember how easy it is to listen to audio books now, so throw on your favorite read and go out for a walk if weather permits, or snuggle up by the fire. You’ll be getting the best of relaxation and YOU-time.

Have Fun with the Holidays… Eliminate Holiday Stress

Have Fun with the Holidays… Eliminate Holiday Stress

Are you already wondering what the holidays will bring- how you will get it all done? If you are super organized and started your lists and shopping in July, then these tips aren’t for you! But, if you’re like most of us, the holidays bring out stress with intensity to do too much! So, take a deep breath and check out some of our tips that we have found help us during the hectic holiday season!


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