from Laurie Burrows Grad

Buying gifts for fathers and grandfathers can be daunting. It seems like every year it gets more and more difficult to find something unique.  So, here we go with a few new items from the kitchen, which will delight even the pickiest of pops.


For dads and granddads that love their French press coffee, here is a travel mug to brew a single perfect cup of coffee without all the hassles of brewing in a pot.  The “minibru” brews a single perfect cup of French coffee with ease.  Just fill the mug with your favorite coffee grinds up to the lower line on the mug and fill with hot water to the upper line.  Then wait 2-3 minutes. Insert the filter and press down.  Voila, a perfect single cup of Java!

How about a timer that looks like a camera lens?  The F/60 LENS KITCHEN TIMER looks like a real zoom lens but is really a fun kitchen timer. Entertaining for dads, granddads, and even kids timing their brownies!


This new toaster oven has a double infrared heating system (quartz and ceramic), which allows for food to be cooked more efficiently than conventional toaster ovens.  What could be easier than 6 pre-set cooking modes for a variety of foods including bread items, frozen foods, and reheating?  There is also a digital timer ranging from 30 seconds to 25 minutes with a reminder beep to tell you when the food is done.  This is the perfect tool for dads and grandfathers who like simpler methods of cooking.

QUIRKY’S CONVERGE is a great way to make fathers and grandfathers ecstatic.  It is a docking station that shows off your electronics while they charge.  The “Converge” stows wires easily and out of sight.  It has 4 USB outlets.  For dads and granddads that love to cook, this is a great way to keep their iPad charged and ready to give them the latest recipe to cook!

Laurie Burrows Grad is a cookbook author, television chef, food journalist, and activist/fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association. Her cookbooks include Make It Easy in the Kitchen; Make It Easy Entertaining; Make It Easy, Make It Light; and Entertaining Light & Easy. On a personal note, she is the enthusiastic babysitter for her nine-year-old grandson Lucas and his five-year old sister, Georgia.