Do you know someone who just can’t get enough of the garden? Or, maybe they don’t have the space (a la apartment living)? Or, how about a fun ‘together’ project with your grandchild? Well, here’s a great way to enjoy all that nature can give in any season, any time.

It takes about three weeks of growing before you need scissors, but then a bright crop of basil or cilantro is yours to scatter on your Caprése salad or ceviche. A sunny window, and a little restraint when it comes to watering, is all it takes after you plant the seeds in the can of earth. Let dinner guests pick their own garnishes!

Includes 1 basil and 1 cilantro can for easy small-space gardening. Purchase at, $11.99

This set is perfect for the urban farmer and great fun for your grandchildren. These easy to grow containers are for small-spaces, windowsill gardening. You can grow organic basil and organic cilantro in just three simple steps:
• Open the can & plant seeds in soil
• Add water and place can in full sun
• Harvest and enjoy!

Each can includes:
– Organic basil OR organic cilantro seeds
– Biochar for moisture control
– Organic fertilizer

Grow One, Give One
For every photo you share with, they will donate a GARDEN-IN-A-CAN to an elementary school cafeteria of your choice! Post your pics at