Get Yourself Organized This Spring!

Mar 19, 2023 | Latest & Greatest

Get Yourself Organized This Spring!

Simple suggestions to personally cleanse and straighten out your personal space

Hands down it is one of our most favorite times of the year- Spring. Would you agree?  Tomorrow March 20th, we welcome a beautiful season full of colors, sights, and delicious smells. And what better time than Spring, to cleanse yourself, your living surroundings, and your personal space. That feeling of joy that you get when you can finally open the windows and let the warm breeze in – it just can’t be matched. There is a reason that so many people love Spring cleaning. The changing season is the perfect time to refresh your home with sunlight and embrace an approach for personal organization.
So, when you are in the mood for Spring re-direction, this guide will show you how to tackle your-seasonal goals!

Spring Organization E.A.S.Y. Process
Before you make a single list, we want to introduce you to the Clutter Keeper E.A.S.Y. process. If you follow it, you will be able to create a step-by-step process and organize any area in your house. You can literally use this everywhere to organize everything.
Here is more about this process and what each letter means.

E stands for empty. The very first step is to completely empty the area you are going to organize. Move everything out of the area you are organizing and clean it.
Wipe it down and make sure it is completely clean before you start sorting and putting things back away.
This step makes the next part easier to do.

A is for assess. This is the step where you will look at everything you pulled out. Assess whether your current organization containers are still adequate. If you think you need more containers or a different size, do it at this step.
Make a list of all the things you need before you head to the store or online shopping. Then, you will be able to zone in on what you need when all the gorgeous organization products try to distract you! (There are some beauties out there).
At this step, you also want to decide what to keep, what to throw away, what to donate, and what you need to place into long-term storage.
Remember, your organization systems need to fit into your daily life. Make sure that your bins and containers are easy to reach and easy to use. For example, don’t stack your everyday shoes in a box on the top shelf.

S is for store. Now it’s time to store everything in your containers. I think this is the most fun step of the entire process. I love putting things back into the containers and seeing them all organized and pretty.
As you put things into the containers, consider using smaller containers to keep the larger ones organized too.
Then, label your bins or baskets too. Print out some matching labels or purchase some personalized labels on Etsy. You can also buy some chalkboard erasable labels online. This option lets you change the name frequently (which is really helpful).

Y for yearn; the final letter and step in the process. This means you need to set yourself up for success so that it is something you ‘yearn’ to maintain.
For example, if you are organizing your entryway, where do you most commonly set your keys when you walk in the door? This is the spot you need to put a small container to keep your keys.
If your system is set up in a way that is totally different from your daily habits, you won’t use them. It’s just a fact. Help yourself out and create systems that you can easily reach and use every day.


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Are you ready to amp up your spring self-care? Spring is a great time to focus on just this, and also for new beginnings. It’s an excellent time to shed the old and welcome the new and refresh and renew yourself, both inside and out.


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