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Ready to train yourself for happiness? Think of Happify as your personal online happiness trainer! Happify’s interactive activities and games are based off a decade’s worth of scientific research in positive psychology and neuroscience, and built in collaboration with some of the foremost experts on the science of happiness. When people spend a few minutes a day on Happify, they boost skills such as gratitude, optimism, and empathy, while building habits for a happier, more fulfilling life.

Happify is based off the science that we have the power to choose our own happiness. This means if you’re feeling unhappy, stressed, anxious, frustrated, or any of those emotions that are part of human nature, you actually have the ability to learn to control them. As human beings, our brains are hard-wired for negativity, but the tools on Happify can help you learn to react and deal with everyday ups and downs in a positive way.

This App is user-friendly for adults of all ages. The app is available now through the website, all iOS devices (ipad, iphone). There is a beta version of the Android app that should be available soon in the Google Play Store.

Why Mindfulness Is the New Superpower

You may be physically fit, but are you emotionally fit? The ability to know what’s happening in your mind without acting on it is a life-changing skill. Watch as Dan Harris, ABC news anchor and author of 10% Happier, explains why mindfulness and meditation are the next big public health revolution. Why Mindfulness Is The New Superpower


Are you stressed out, not feeling like yourself or worried about a family member? iChill can help by teaching you the Community Resiliency Model, a set of self-help skills. You will learn simple info about how stress affects the mind and body.

iChill has been helpful to children, teens and adults, including our troops, veterans and their families.  Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Cozi is a free app and website. Manage the chaos of everyday life with Cozi, the must-have app for the family. Keep track of everyone’s schedules, activities and appointments, all in one place. Create and share grocery lists, to-dos and chores in real time. Store all your recipes; view them from anywhere. Access and update from any mobile device or computer. Available for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows 8.1.

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An App Starring YOU

Gingersnap Studios specifically designed iPhone and iPad apps to help grandparents inspire creativity and spark curiosity in their grandchildren (aged 5-9). Grandma or Grandpa personalizes the story, and inserts their pictures into the app.

The apps are interactive stories entitled Henry VIII “Chaos in the Kitchen”, Shakespeare and Saddlebags, and Pirates in a Pickle – all are fun and humorous, with beautiful animation.

The apps are live in the App Store:

An App for Your Dog

Come on now, we can’t forget our beloved pets! Why don’t they get any fun gadgets that can help them stay “happy” too? Well ladies and gentleman, here it is—Dog on the move? Activity trackers have gone on the dogs— literally.

FitBark monitors your dog’s everyday activity and turns it into BarkPoints, so you can track progress. It’s a new way to understand your dog’s health, explain changes in behavior, make better decisions with your vet, and share memorable moments with friends & family. It’s all about your dog, from head to tail.

The world’s tiniest wireless activity monitor for man’s best friend, FitBark collects physical activity and rest levels 24/7, providing you and your family with useful insights into your dog’s behavior and activity trends. Made in the shape of a tiny, stylish dog-bone, FitBark attaches easily onto any collar and fits dogs of any size. If you and your family are serious about staying connected with your dog from your iOS or Android smartphone, monitoring long-term health trends about Fido, and sharing important data about your dog with your vet, then look no fur-ther.

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