It’s always great to have a variety of books whether the grandkids are at your house or you are at theirs. Reading together is not only special quality time, but also establishes intimate moments to share and enjoy.

Here are some great must-haves for the younger set that just loves … plus, a little something for Grandma.

Crankee Doodle: (for ages 4–8) by Tom Angleberger.  He’s just a boy who doesn’t want to go to town, buy a hat, or wear a feather. However, his horse is pretty persuasive… a great take on that legendary ride, and jingle: Yankee Doodle Dandy.  This is a colorful, comical, and fabulous book that will bring loads of smiles.

Ol’ Mama Squirrel :  (ages 3-7) by David Ezra Stein.  A really protective mama squirrel will NOT let anyone mess with her kids! She has a lot of little babies to protect, and when a threat wanders to her tree, she absolutely won’t back down.  This is a great story about bravery and love.

The Day the Crayons Quit: (ages 3–7) by Drew Daywalt, Author, and Oliver Jeffers, Illustrator. One day the character Duncan opens his box of crayons and comes to find that his crayons have just had enough!  All of them quit at one time. They are tired of each other and the blue crayon wants to take a time out from coloring only water, the orange and yellow crayons stop speaking because each believes he is the true color of the sun. Duncan is perplexed…what can he do to get them back to do what the colors do best?  Every kid will love the humorous conversations and great illustrations.

And now, a little something for you, Grandma:

The Granny Diaries by Adair Lara, is a hilarious collection of real life truisms and a charming guide giving new grandmas a clear direction on navigating through foreign territory. This book offers wise counsel on such topics as ‘how to stay on the parents’ good side (hint: don’t say anything, ever). Lara, an award-winning columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle, covers all the topics from the first chapter of ‘Becoming a Grandmother’ to the last, ‘Cutting Grandma Some Slack’. You will definitely be entertained, and feel the compassion extended in this book. And don’t forget, it’s got gift written all over it as well!