Right here, right now, we bring you a couple of exciting and unique places to add to your holiday shopping venues; and with some special discounts to boot.  It’s always interesting to find something so remarkably exceptional, and it’s our pleasure to pass it along to our readers! Go ahead and have some fun…

 salty home 11

Salty Home

Furnishings with Function and Flair

So you want a taste of the Hamptons, but can’t get there?  We’ve got the perfect suggestion: Jessica de Kerillis and her mother Carol are owners of Salty Home, a fabulous home accessory store offering some of the best items we’ve seen in a long time.  Here you can find everything and anything for your home, from eclectic furniture, one-of-a-kind gifts, to an amazing selection of rugs, throws, candles, pottery, jewelry and coastal wares – great vintage reproductions and that ‘shabby chic’ flair.  Their incredible selection of Mercury Glass adds sparkle to any holiday table, and so versatile – it’ll fit right in your home well after the holidays! The store is a definite destination for the Hamptons (when you are in New York of course!), but if not… you can visit Salty Home on Facebook for store items, daily & weekly updates, and best of all…. they’ll ship anywhere!

Salty Home 631-237-1250  www.SaltyHome.com

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Miriam Merenfeld Jewelry

Miriam Merenfeld Jewelry

Unbelievable Jewelry

Perhaps you’ve seen Miriam’s designs on the Today Show, in Bloomingdales, in Henri Bendel, or in magazine photos around some of the necks of many actresses. Miriam Merenfeld is a most talented Venezuelan, who drew from her parent’s artistic talents as painter and architect.  With several collections to choose from, her necklaces evoke elegance and carry symbolic messages – she’ll even do custom.   Each piece reflects a level of spirituality, utilizing sayings and symbols that promote individuality and capture personal essence.  You can’t beat her price point, and we’ve got a great promotion for our readers.

To order visit: Miriammerenfeld.com

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Masterpieces with Photowow

Photos with a twist

Now here’s something truly different where you can turn your photos into a creative masterpiece – it’s a different twist on the old picture in a frame routine. Photowow helps you design a repetitive grouping of the same photo you supply and reproduces it on a canvas in an artful manner. It’s your photo(s) with a Warhol theme and twist. Best of all, you become the art director and customize your own texture and viola’; you’ve made a fabulous gift for that someone special in your life.  The ideas are endless; and the pricing is affordable. It’s fast, easy and it’s personalized…. after all, you created it!

Visit www.photowow.com