Happy Half Year! It’s never too late for resolutions…

Jun 11, 2017 | Latest & Greatest

Since we know that life is short, why choose one time of year to set resolutions for yourself? We are taking New Year’s resolutions and throwing them right out the window! Here’s ways to stay consistent with your goals, all year-round!


Stop Setting Enormous Goals

Maybe you want to lose 15 pounds, meditate for an hour everyday, or train for a marathon- all very noble ideas. But (sorry!) it’s a science proven fact that starting from zero and trying to shoot for the moon will only result in a hard crash. Research shows massive goals are deflating rather than motivating. For example, you might lose a pound or two the first week, which is actually great, but it’s going to feel like nothing compared to the 15 you wanted to lose. Smaller goals help you feel more of a mission-accomplishing rock star, if that’s your thing. Otherwise it’s OK to walk away from this type of grand goal setting entirely.


Get Over Getting Organized

You say it every year: You’ll get color-coordinated post-it notes. You’ll finally figure out how to use your new laptop. You’ll take the unruly pile of photos accruing in a shoebox. This time you’re going to get organized. While visions of crisp hanging folders dance in your head, we’d like to point out that you’ve gotten this far in your career and in life with whatever organizational system you currently possess, and so far so good! Research has found that messy surroundings encourage creativity and novel thinking. So if “a giant stack of papers” is your system and it’s working for you? Keep on keeping on!


If You Don’t like Running, Don’t Run

Even though running/walking marathons are a popular trend, don’t let the fads force you to log miles that you’ll hate every step of the way. Running does not have to be your exercise of choice. To the anti- sprinters, walking is awesome! Recent studies have found that it burns more calories than previously believed. And if you walk at an effort of 3 or 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being no problem, 10 being hiking Everest), you’ll burn more body fat compared with running. Sweet!


Forget Trying For “More”

You know that nagging feeling that you’re not getting enough: enough sleep, enough sex, enough downtime? Truth bomb: Most of us are doing better than we think! The average American for example, gets about seven and a half hours of ZZZ’s a night, more than the national sleep foundation’s recommended minimum. And while more chill time would certainly be nice, don’t think you need to force your stress levels down. On a scale of 1 to 10, the American psychological association found most women rate their general state of frazzle at a very manageable 5. So pat yourself on the back and move on.


Skip The “Healthy Stuff You Don’t ACTUALLY Like”

A full 42 percent of New Year’s resolutions involve trying to force us to be healthier. But newsflash: that doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. You can stop trying to choke down salmon or kale if you can’t stand it. Quit signing up for big sweaty yoga classes when you’d rather exercise alone. There are so many good-for-you things in the world that if you’ve given one of them a shot and truly aren’t feeling it, let it go. Don’t want to swap quinoa for doughnuts, but prefer romaine to spinach, why beat yourself up? You’re having a damn salad! Good for you!


It’s OK To Not Cook

We’ll admit it- cooking is good for you. But plain and simple, it’s not always an option, so chill out if you find yourself reaching for that app where you can order a meal with a click of a button, life happens. Plenty of take-out places offer options loaded with veggies, lean proteins and whole grains. PS: making your own food is not always the money-saver people make it out to be either. For example, Munchery, (www.munchery.com) which delivers in 12 states, offers healthy heat-and-eat dishes such as soba noodles or rosemary salmon bowl for $12, for about as much or more as it would cost to buy the ingredients individually.



Look, we get the appeal of the fresh start that a new calendar offers. But research shows it’s not the first day of the year that holds the power of change. Instead, it’s whether you’re actually excited by any of the goals you’re setting. Any occasion where you think, “This is my moment, and I’m ready to go, “ is when you should seize the chance to make a change. If that moment hits on the first day of the year, then more power to you! If it doesn’t, then press that snooze button. Make everyday the first of a new journey! *



*article source: www.glamour.com

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