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June is National Potty Training Awareness Month, so we interviewed Elliot Totah, one of the co-founders of “Tot on The Pot”.  This play-based potty training solution simplifies the process for parents and grandparents, and makes it super fun for kids. Tot on the Pot comes with the cutest doll and toy potty, giving kids the opportunity to teach, demonstrate, role play and have an audience, as they conquer the potty. Plus! for the month of June, Tot on the Pot is giving all of our Grandparentslink followers a 10% discount; use the code GRANDP10.

Grandparentslink: What motivated you to start this business?

Tot on the Pot: Jackie, my co-founder, and I are both very passionate parents. Even though we’re separated by a generation (her daughter walked down the aisle at about the same time that my daughter started walking), we strongly agree that every moment of parenting is a treasure, even the ones that don’t seem so at the time. Together, we resolved to focus our efforts on helping parents get through some of the more challenging transitions of early childhood with innovative and beneficial solutions. From that seed, Tot on the Pot was born. Just this week Baby Maternity Magazine named Tot on the Pot as their 2018 Potty Training Product of the Year.

GPL: What is included in this package?

Tot: Tot on the Pot is a play-based potty training system. When combined, the various components provide an all-inclusive potty training solution. Those components are:

  1. Parent’s Guide to Potty Training – Our Parent’s Guide to Potty Training is a concise, step-by-step guide that combines the most effective potty training methods with the best tips and tricks
  2. Tot on the Pot Children’s Book – The Children’s Board Book will not only get a toddler on the potty, but it will also entertain them while they wait for that glorious splash/plop.
  3. Tot Doll – The Tot doll is a child’s very own partner in poop during potty training and beyond.
  4. The Pot – The Pot (the Tot’s potty) acts as the reward center for every successful potty visit.
  5. 20 Activity Reward Cards – Fun Activity Reward Cards require no preparation! They engage a child’s imagination to provide valuable cognitive benefits as they celebrate their achievement.

GPL: What sets your “potty” apart from all others?

Tot: Tot on the Pot is a very unique approach to potty training. It sets itself apart in 3 major ways:

  1. It is the only comprehensive potty training system on the market. In other words, it provides parents with clear guidance on how to potty train in a healthy way and it gives them all of the tools they need to do so.
  2. It uses the power of play to engage toddlers in the potty training process. One of the biggest challenges parents often encounter during potty training is convincing their little one to drop their toys and sit on the potty. Tot on the Pot resolves this by making every potty visit a seamless extension of the child’s play. Going to the potty becomes a fun activity.
  3. Through the Activity Reward Cards which are provided upon every successful potty visit, children are exposed to a wide array of cognitive benefits which help their overall development. Tot on the Pot allows parents to teach their children to dump the diaper, while simultaneously enhancing motor, cognitive and social skills.

Tot on the pot

GPL: We understand this is a great training tool for parents, but tell us why you think grandparents might find it particularly attractive?

Tot: At Tot on the Pot, we know the value of non-technological, unstructured play and we encourage it! Our system very intentionally doesn’t integrate technology but rather relies on imagination and parent/child bonding to incentivize children. This is something grandparents today can relate to and encourage.

GPL: If grandparents are not actively engaged in potty training, what makes Tot on the Pot such a unique gift for grandparents to give to their children and grandchildren?

Tot: Potty Training is unlike any other early childhood milestone in that children are completely dependent upon their parents/caregivers to achieve success.  Crawling—they figured that out on their own. Walking—they got that handled too. But peeing and pooping in a toilet? They need us for that.

Tot on the Pot gives parents (and grandparents!) a unique way to create a positive interaction in place of one that is normally more stressful. If a grandparent chooses to gift Tot on the Pot, it’s one of the few items that will act as a present to both their adult child and their grandchild. The parent will be relieved of the burden of learning about potty training and devising a strategy, and the grandchild gets a new friend (the Tot doll) with whom he/she performs all sorts of exciting and fulfilling activities!

GPL: What is the cost? Delivery time?

Tot: Tot on the Pot retails for $44.99 and is available on with free shipping. Here is the link:  Be sure to use the special Grandparentslink code: GRANDP10, available through June 30, 2018.