…set an example and show kids how to give!

What makes the holiday time so very special? Well our hope is that the spirit of the season embraces your family time; we look for enjoying traditions already established and to new traditions we intend to establish.  That being said, why not take this holiday season to help others.. and in doing so, set an example by involving your grandchildren in an exercise that lasts year-round and not just limited to a special time .

Did you ever take notice as to how charitable children naturally are? From a very young age, babies outstretch their arms with toys and accessories in a sharing motion to others; they act out caring gestures in their play by feeding, clothing and mimicking with their dolls.  A wailing baby will evoke the attention and inquisitiveness of another toddler, and a six year old will come to the side of a peer who was knocked down by another.  The idea of giving in a charitable way and a caring way take all shapes and forms.

We’d like to think that utilizing the gift of giving is an important as exercising our muscle groups for running and jumping.  Thinking about someone else means that we have used our largest muscle.. the brain.  Thinking, planning and executing the motion of giving is not exhausting, rather it’s fulfilling and rewarding.   This is definitely something that your grandchild can share with you; perhaps something that you can do exclusive of their parents.  Maybe this becomes your special time together.

Go ahead and think of ways to give.  Investigate clothing and food drives, and be mindful enough to thank people in and around in your community. Gather up an old coat or unused toy, make a thank you card, a box of homemade cookies, a finger-painting, or a fresh bundle from your garden, or gather cans of food for a food drive.  it doesn’t matter what… it is truly the thought that counts. You can sit down with your grandchild and draw a picture of thanks.. help them to spell the words ; cut out pictures that represent a thank you, and decide together who will be the recipient.  Will it be at the police station? The fire station?  The doctor’s office? Or perhaps the mailman? The possibilities are endless.

When you take the reins to suggest that giving is essential, you help your grandchildren get a boost on self-esteem and an opportunity of a lifetime; one that will last long after us. Together, you truly can help to create a better world.