Just in time for any mother you know – a special gift we strongly suggest!

Mothering with Courage
A Mindful Approach to Becoming a Mom who Listens More,
 Worries Less, and Loves Deeply
by Bonnie Compton, an acclaimed parenting coach has now been released.

Noted by Publishers Weekly as one of the top parenting books for 2017,
Mothering with Courage guides mothers in their quest to remain openhearted through the ups and downs of motherhood. With courage, a mom learns to self-reflect, face her fears, and make decisions consciously and confidently. She learns to see her child and herself in a different light—only from that space can she become the most authentic mother for her child.

The “Mothering with Courage” message is important for moms of all ages…

  • Moms have the answers within…once they learn to trust their inner knowing.  Rather than looking outside themselves for answers, Mothering with Courage helps them learn to self-reflect, to listen to their inner voice (intuition) and find out what really matters to themselves and their family. A mom who trusts her knowing is a mom who is calm, confident and is able to enjoy the journey of motherhood!
  • Moms have a unique and amazing opportunity (and responsibility) to shape their child’s future…through love, connection and guidance. Mothers who learn to send healthy positive messages to their children, help grow healthy positive adults.  Through shaping their child’s future, moms are also helping shape our future…the ripple effect is huge!
  • Offers moms an easy-to-follow roadmap of self-discovery exercises designed to unlock their inner awareness and guide them to release the expectations and fears that prevent them from deeply connecting with their children in meaningful ways. It may be for mothers, but all parents can learn from this kind of self-exploration – and all of our children will benefit.

Mothering with Courage is now available for purchase: