The phrase that starts with: “ you won’t believe how quickly they grow”, is so true when it comes to the many stages of childhood.  With changes almost daily, our heads can spin just trying to keep up with products and knowledge.   That being said, Grandparentslink is a big proponent of safety (as you already know!), and we highly recommend the BoosterPOD®, giving it two thumbs up.

BoosterPOD® is the next step for a young child when they graduate from highchair and need to go into a secure way to sit in comfort and safety.  Using this product usually occurs when a child can sit up independently, or as suggested by the manufacturer Prince Lionheart®  — between the age of 12 months and 4 years. Of course, use common sense and never leave a child unattended regardless – little ones can maneuver themselves out of almost anything!  Their world is little and fast.

Grandparentslink loves that BoosterPOD® can be easily positioned on a suitable chair, with adjustable straps to secure the base and back.  In addition, there’s a comfortable waist belt that makes a child snug and secure.   Made from durable, non-toxic material, the BoosterPOD® can be washed and cleaned in a flash. This product makes the little ones feels like a ‘big’ boy or ‘big’ girl. They can enjoy mealtime, family time, playtime, or anytime and promotes confidence.

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