Our Top 6 Silver Linings of 2020 GRANDparent style!

a special feature from Kay & Leslie, founders

While 2020 has been a difficult year in ways we never could have imagined or expected, it’s made us all refocus on what matters most, the ways we spend our time, and how we find calm in moments of change and unrest. More important, we have reimagined the possibilities, tested our resilience, and learned new ways to live fully in spite of what is not in our control, and how to navigate new waters. The accomplishments of such are truly the silver lining for us grandparents. Here’s our top 6 – what’s yours?

1. We boomers have become ‘Zoomers.’ Look how much more tech-savvy we are! Since we want to see our grandkids more, and be able to participate in their world, we have had to learn to zoom, and watch us now – there’s no telling what else we can do.

2. We have learned to slow down which has given us more time to think about what is important. In doing so, we are more conscious of being present and in the moment.

3. Our houses are more organized because after all, when you are home this much, you see all the things that need to be cleaned or thrown out, or rearranged.

4. Many of us are walking more and exercising more. We get outside and take pleasure in nature. We have the time to do it. We realize how important it is for our mind, body and soul.

5. We see how resilient the human spirit is. Look how we keep on going. Look at our kids and see how they cope; we are in awe of their flexibility and spontaneity. We see our grandchildren evolve with independence, and imagination.

6.Creativity has flourished in so many of our households.  Whether it is in the home or online, we dig deeper to make things more interesting. It can be playing charades online with the family, or creating scavenger hunts, or doing puzzles, or baking or singing. We are constantly in search of better ways to feel good and connect – all of which we embrace with gratitude that we have one another.

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