Have you seen our Pinterest boards? We are having such fun pinning!  At the bottom of our website page in the right hand column, you probably have noticed that we change the pictures quite often. But…have you dug deeper, and really looked at each of our boards?

The ‘Kid Fashionista’ board is filled with the cutest kids with the coolest clothing. It’s like scanning through a picture-filled fashion magazine. https://www.pinterest.com/grandparentlink/kid-fashionistas/

The ‘Grandma Likes’ board represents a “dream” board of things we would love to own, visit, wear, and enjoy. https://www.pinterest.com/grandparentlink/grandma-likes/

Our holiday boards will spark your imagination and offer creative celebration ideas. For sure, check out our art/science projects board bursting with imaginative and exciting ideas. https://www.pinterest.com/grandparentlink/artscience-projects/

And, you won’t be able to stop reading through our ‘Just Recipes’ board. https://www.pinterest.com/grandparentlink/just-recipes/

And there are more boards, such as ‘Design’, ‘Good Kid Snacks’, ‘Organization’!

Start pinning, sharing with your friends, your kids, your grandkids, or just plain entertaining yourself!