As Grandparents, we know there are so many bits and pieces that make up all the special memories of our precious ones.  And, maybe sometimes we want to add a different dimension beyond another picture frame or baby book.  So, how do we best preserve them in a fun way that everyone including Mom and Dad can enjoy?  That’s easy… our editors just love The Bronze Shoe Co., one of the oldest bronzing companies out there * or call 631-472-1235.


Since 1940, this second generation family-owned business (and made in the USA), has been bronzing everything from baby shoes, to baby rattles, to cowboy boots.  Let your imagination inspire you because there isn’t anything they can’t bronze. Best of all, they have different types of bronzing to choose from: pewter, silver or traditional bronze. The process so easy, affordable, and the product is a great keepsake.


Hey, don’t forget, you can even go out in the garage and grab something special you’d like for yourself preserved – after all grandparents should think about themselves once in a while!


*Be sure to use the promotional code: for your discount.