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Dec 12, 2013 | Latest & Greatest

Personalized gifts & stationery that say “you’re special”!

The Script and Scribble* website is all about celebrating your family and friends. A personalized gift or card from their collection is a perfect way to demonstrate that you put your heart into all that you do. Hurry up and visit:

The only nationally distributed catalog of its kind, Script and Scribble offers thousands of personalize-able items, many of them exclusive to the company.  To accomplish this, Script and Scribble seeks out fine quality stationery and gifts created by talented designers and craftspeople who have a passion for their work. Each time you visit the site or browse through their catalog, you will discover something new and unique!!

Personalized holiday gifts for moms, kids, teachers…
When you put your heart into selecting a gift, it shows! That’s why a personalized holiday gift is always appreciated. Script and Scribble has something unique and festive for everyone on your list. Busy moms will love the personalized stationery and stylish note pads … one-of-a-kind designs printed on fine quality paper. The gifts for kids include everything from adorable personalized placemats to clipboards, art journals and stickers that inspire creativity.

Teacher Appreciation gifts
Show teachers how much you appreciate all they do for your children. The teacher gifts are practical, memorable, and unique. Choose from melamine platters, canvas totes, handy organizer pads and to-do lists, and so much more … decorated with whimsical designs and ready to personalize.

Personalized photo cards and gift stickers
Your family photo on any of the exclusive holiday cards makes for a more meaningful message, one that’s likely to be kept and cherished. And, to jazz up your packages, they even offer a huge array of personalized gift stickers, plus address labels that add cheer to envelopes.

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