Holidays or not, we run ourselves ragged: one hour becomes the whole day, a week, a month, and before you know it, half the year has gone by. We have to stop for one second, gather ourselves, collect ourselves and take a deep breath. The rhythm of our days can help us to improve our overall health. Did you know that there’s a rhyme and reason to the individual days of the week?* Oh, yes there is!  Here’s a great outline of what lies ahead in one week & why….

Mondays you should…GET MOVING

Research shows that a heart attack is more likely at the start of the work week, possibly due to increased stress levels. Counter this with a 30-minute morning session of moderate-intensity cardio (like a bike ride.) It’s been found to quell anxiety, even when facing a tough task later in the day.

Tuesdays you should…SEE YOUR M.D.

If you’ve been putting off an annual checkup with your physician or ob-gyn, this is your best bet to score a same-day meeting. That’s because more last-minute cancellations happen that day of the week than any other, according to ZocDoc, an online appointment-booking service.

Wednesdays and Thursdays you should…CATCH SOME ZZZ’s

While productivity levels generally peak Tuesday through Thursday, we’re also getting less sleep as the week goes on. Take some time to unwind and put away any bills or to-do lists at least an hour before bedtime.

Fridays you should…DRIVE SAFELY 

Don’t let thoughts of the weekend distract you from the road. Your odds of getting into an accident are higher on Fridays, particularly during the morning and the afternoon commutes to and from work, according to an analysis of claims data from Nationwide Insurance. Two of the most common collisions are backing into another vehicle and being rear-ended.

Saturdays and Sundays you should…LIGHTEN UP 

It’s no surprise we are happiest on the weekends, most likely because we can choose our own activities and spend more time with family and friends. Double your pleasure by planning a family outing. Research shows that buying an experience- like going to the movies, boosts satisfaction and makes you feel closer to those around you.

Reprinted from: Family Circle Magazine, October 2013, page 9.