Successful Grandparenting 101

Mar 23, 2014 | Latest & Greatest

a special feature from Kay & Leslie, founders of

Want to be the grandparent that every grandchild cherishes with warmth and affection? Being a grandparent is a gift. It’s a joy and it requires concentration, creativity, patience, and understanding. Most importantly, being a grandparent demands your presence, in the moment.

Be yourself. Be authentic!

Show up — in person, via Facetime, Skype, email, or letters

Forget perfection.

Find out what your grandchild’s interests are, and learn more.

Share your passions and what you have learned along the way.

Grandparenting is not about YOU. Enjoy what your grandchildren enjoy.

Laugh and sing! Tell jokes. Get silly; let go! “Knock, knock, who’s there?”

Visit parks, museums; go to a local play or event.

Go to birthday parties, even if it’s virtually.

Have dessert first.

Turn your home into a restaurant.

Play board games, card games, charades.

Play outside; take walks, hikes.

Have picnics and tea parties, inside and out.

Frame pictures of your grandkids, and display them in your home.

Make–up a new holiday and celebrate it every year.

Go to recitals, sports games – the more you go, the more you’ll be invited.

If you are creative, make something for them. Do you knit, sew, make scrapbooks?

If you are not creative, bring out the arts and crafts, or the tool kit, and create together.

Give lots of hugs and kisses, and lots of positive reinforcement.






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