The Daddy-Moon

just in case you were wondering

We all have heard of the classic honeymoon, bachelorette/bachelor party and the baby moon (for both mom and dad-to–be), but have you heard of the Daddy-Moon? This new age term is becoming pretty popular with expecting Dads who are about to trade in their leisurely lifestyle for diaper duty, temper tantrums, and late nights! These new fathers aren’t going to let the new lifestyle bring them down. They’re making the most of a new situation! Just in case you weren’t totally up to speed on this whole deal, here’s the scoop.

The concept behind the ‘daddy-moon’ is that expecting fathers get a chance to take a trip (no wives invited) with their best buddies (maybe even their dad!) and have one last hurrah!  Whether it’s a golfing trip, or a boys’ trip in Vegas, these guys are letting loose one last time before the new baby arrives.

Making sure their pregnant wives are properly and carefully taken care of while they shoot off on their trip is first and foremost.  We are hearing more and more about this new generation of dads embracing a new way to call a time-out before their lives change forever!

So now you know what it’s all about, and we can’t help but think, what excuse will be next when the men need a ‘weekend away? Ha!

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