Hey grandma and grandpa…. So you have gone to the grocery store and bought all those wonderful healthy snacks and foods for your favorite grandchildren. You have bought way too much and purchased those secret little treats that the parents will never find out about. But lets face it, there’s a big mess just waiting around the corner with the little ones, and it’s a simple consideration to have in the house for your convenience and cleanliness to boot! It’s called the Straw-lution. This is an ingenious straw uniquely and specifically designed straw that fits into all traditional beverage containers or other liquid on the go snacks. The Straw-lution Straw perfectly goes in, and doesn’t come out, until you pull it out for discard. It is ergonomically designed to fit so that it eliminates the mess of traditional straws that pop out and end up on the floor, and it’s PBA free, made ion the USA and available.

It can be re-used by dishwashing, comes in four colors and bulk packages for convenience. You will love this product to have on hand: the Straw-lution Straw is designed to anchor once it is inserted in the lid of a beverage or snack on the go such as yogurts or applesauce, or even baby food, or pouches. The straw can be tugged and pulled on, and won’t release with reasonable force, thus avoiding those nasty spills and mess unexpected or otherwise! Besides the grandchildren in your life, if you know of someone elderly who has difficulty holding onto containers for sipping liquids, this is a perfect addition for them as well. Best part of all, you can enjoy no mess and fuss on the go all the time, traveling or snacking.

The Straw-lution Straw can be purchased Straw-lution.com or here: Straw-lution Straws – Blue
, and you can also use this conjunction with the Honey Bear container which allows you to control the flow of liquid into a child’s mouth and encourages children to learn how to use a straw for drinking, aids in dexterity during that transition from bottle feeding to cup drinking. They are BPA free, reusable and dishwasher safe (hip-hip hooray!)

Get yours: Straw-lution Straws – Blue