Unique Holiday Gift Baskets*
Commitment’s a tricky thing—especially when it comes to holiday shopping. That’s why these goody baskets, packed with a little bit of everything, make the perfect present every time.

1. Toffee Break
Toffee Break
Holiday Collection Tower
Buttery, crunchy and coated with scrumptious combinations of chocolate and nuts—white with macadamia, dark with pecan and milk with almond—these handmade treats from a family recipe are toffee at its most delectable. $60 to $110
Available at: ToffeeToGo.com

2. Jam Session
Jam Session
Bonnie’s Jams
These preserves are old school: Perfectly ripened fruit is simmered with sugar and fresh lemon juice, then poured into jars, capped and turned upside down, no additives required.
$75 for crate of six jams
Available at: BonniesJamsStore.com

3. Athlete Healthy Gift Basket
Athlete Healthy Gift Basket
Whether your friend’s New Year’s resolution involves completing a marathon or just learning to jog a mile, this Athlete Healthy Gift Basket, filled with heart-healthy, protein-rich, energy-boosting treats is the perfect way to express your support. $85
Available at: WellBaskets.com

4. Congrats on Your New Pooch!: Pet Dog Gift Basket
Congrats on Your New Pooch!: Pet Dog Gift Basket
There’s nothing that can match the joy of finding a puppy under the tree come Christmas morning, but this Congrats on Your New Pooch! gift basket, filled with goodies that please both dogs and humans, comes awfully close. $100
Available at: GreatArrivals.com

5. Zabar’s Babka & Rugelach Crate
Zabar's Babka & Rugelach Crate
Babka and rugelach, the traditional Jewish desserts included in this basket along with chocolate, coffee and a mug from New York institution Zabar’s, make the perfect Hanukkah gift, but they taste equally delicious accompanied by eggnog and carols. $98
Available at: Zabars.com

6. Telluride Powder Day Basket
Telluride Powder Day Basket
The only thing missing from this ski lover’s Powder Day Basket packed with slope-friendly snacks (protein bars and snack mix) and wintry accessories (toe warmers) is the lift ticket.
$70 for small
Available at: TellurideGiftBaskets.com

7. Three Wise Monkeys “Trois Singes” Soaps
Three Wise Monkeys "Trois Singes" Soaps
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil… and now smell no evil with these lychee-scented soaps. $21 for set of three
Available at: SweetPotatosBoutique.com


*Portions reprinted from: www.oprah.com