There’s no better time than now to consider the quiet times. It’s always a treat to have a special family night, so why not have an exclusive grandparent-grandchildren night? How about dedicating an “unplugged” night, with no television, no computers, nothing electronic. Instead, play cards, or board games, or charades, and just enjoy each other’s company. Or, have a movie night with pizza, or popcorn, or vegetarian lasagna, or whatever suits the family palate. Vote on what movie you are all going to watch; sit back, and cherish the togetherness. And if you are fortunate enough to have some musicians in the family, gather around for musical entertainment, and a sing-along. It’s a guarantee your grandkids will remember these unique occasions. Of course, there’s always the local family-friendly restaurant for Sunday brunch or Sunday night dinner. Whatever it is you choose to do, make it fun, do it often, and have some laughs.