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Sep 15, 2013 | Latest & Greatest

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A special feature from Jessica Anfang,* parent extraordinaire

Meet Catherine McCord of Not only is she a beautiful and charismatic mother of two, she is a trained chef who has made it her life’s work to deal with those picky eaters we call our grandchildren.  Her philosophy is all about encouraging children to participate in not only the prep, but the planning as well, engaging them so they feel involved in every aspect of the meal. In turn, kids have the opportunity to get excited about crafting the meal and eating their creation.

Catherine’s first book, published in 2012 is called
Weelicious: One Family, One Meal, available through Amazon :  Here she introduces many kid-friendly and delicious recipes that any member of the family can assist in creating. With over 140 easy-to-follow and fun recipes, this book alleviates the pressures a mom often experiences as a ‘short order cook.’

Now, Catherine’s newest book entitled
Weelicious Lunches: Think outside the Lunch Box with More Than 160 Happier Meals is available through Amazon

This book is all about planning and creating a lunch that will not get thrown in the garbage at school! Children learn to take control of their own lunches with planning and preparation; and then, the most fun perk is showing off their creations at school or anywhere! Unlike many other books and websites, aims to engage and excite children in the activity of cooking itself.  These books are not only helpful for when the grandkids come to visit, but also make great gifts for any mom or grandma!

*Jessica Anfang is a mother of two young children and lives with her husband in Scarsdale, NY.  With a background in fashion and product development, she is always on the ‘lookout’ for anything that is interesting, new, and innovative for her family. Jessica’s motto is: ‘Life is full of fun and fashion in every form!’.

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