What to Save For Your Grandchildren

Trust us, memories are important!

We know that in this day and age children have everything they could possibly want at their fingertips, but remember family heirlooms and vintage clothing will bring joy to your grandchildren because it will help them reminisce about their family.

Have you already thought about what you want to leave behind to your grandkids, or maybe you are a grandparent-to-be so it’s time to start thinking about what you want to pass along to help kids learn more about you, themselves and their family. Most importantly, designate a box, an envelope, or special safe-keeping drawer for all that makes you especially GRAND! Here is a list of items to include in your memory box:

1. Photo albums
What is more fun than pulling out those old photo albums for the grandkids to take a peek at. How much   do they actually resemble their parents as kids? A fun new way to keep kids involved in your family history photo albums is creating digital books for all those photos on your phones. A great site for photo album making is www.shutterfly.com ! It’s super easy to upload photos and organize them for each special event in your family’s life.

2. Family Jewelry
You might have tons of jewelry that has been passed down through the years that you might not think those grandkids are into, but don’t forget that they can recreate their own custom pieces that are more “their style,” and have the history behind the gems to keep it in the family. Have some old pearls? Make them into a sweet pair of earrings for those granddaughters! Who doesn’t love jewelry!?

3. Grandma’s Recipes
One of the first places you can teach your grandchildren about your family history is the kitchen. Break out those recipe cards and get the kids involved in cooking and baking. Show them recipes that might be out of the ordinary, but are representations of your family history. Whether it’s grandma’s famous pasta sauce, or grandpa’s classic French toast recipe, kids love to cook (and eat!) foods that they know their family once loved. It’s a sense of home. Take some time to print up some of your favorite recipes and put together a “family cookbook” to pass around. You could also publish your own book of yummies with chatbooks, beautifully bound books that feature pictures from your favorite meals together!

4. Vintage Clothing & Accessories
Yes, fashion trends change everyday, BUT you will be surprised how many of those trends come back around full circle! Save those classic items that meant something to you! Those vintage designer purses are a great gift to pass along; their worth and exclusivity will only go up in value! At the very least, kids will love seeing what was in fashion when you were younger. Playing dress up will be all the more exciting.

5. How about a memento?
A special trinket that just capture’s your lost spirit –maybe it’s your favorite flower. Try pressing a flower inside a special book for those you leave behind, it will be a touching reminder of your spirit when found!