It’s so very tough when families are separated and distance keeps the grandparents away from all the action.  Don’t worry, it’s only natural to want to be close to those you love and care about.

But being a long distance grandparent doesn’t mean that you can’t be a fully involved one.  There are plenty of great ways to make your connection with your grandchildren.  Discover the importance of prioritizing your involvement in a positive way by discussing this with your own children; the parents of your precious little ones!

Here are a couple of tips for a healthy long distance relationship:


… parents keep a busy schedule: be mindful of what yours are and respectful of their needs

……ask your children; your son- in –law, or daughter – in –law what the best time in their daily /weekly schedule for phone calls

…….use e mail on a regular basis to find out what they are doing

….Set up web chats if you are able to

…..plan together a future trip- celebrate something, or find reason to make that extra visit.

… make sure your own children, the parents of your grandchildren understand your schedule as well, after all, you aren’t at their beckon call or disposal and you do have a life of your own.