Who doesn’t want another shot at childhood?

There’s a key to opening that door, and it’s not hard to find.
It’s your grandchildren!

That’s right, just spending time with your grandkids, if you know how to really BE with them, will make you feel younger and more alive. And for a while, your age will be their age, and their time will be your time.

Grandparentslink co-founder Leslie Zinberg and mindfulness therapist Pam Siegel’s glorious new book, Grandparenting: Renew, Relive, Rejoice will give you the tools to find the magic of being that age again. Pam and Leslie provide a concise, down-to-earth guide for both grandparents and parents. Each of the 52 straightforward nourishing practices provide methods of mindfulness, along with endearing real-life stories that grandparents can identify with. These bite-sized anecdotes offer a rich assortment of simple ways to be present in our fast-paced lives and not miss the richness of time spent with grandchildren.

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If you would like to know more about Grandparenting, Renew and even take a peek inside the book, visit the website…https://grandparentingrenewreliverejoice.com/