Who Says We Can’t Buy Stuff for the Kids?

Let’s spoil them rotten!

We know that it goes without saying that grandparents are known to spoil the kids when mom and dad aren’t around… but what’s so wrong with that?! And, we know as grandparents we should be exercising control, but sometimes we can’t! So, here are some of our favorite ideas; there’s something for all ages from a site that we LOVE! Check out our favorites from Uncommon Goods…

For those infant baby gifts (age 0-12 months) that you make us just go “awwwwwww”

Beach Baby Scenic Crib Sheet
1. For those summer days when baby needs a midday break from the sun, check out this adorable Beach Baby Scenic Crib Sheet. Lay baby down for an afternoon nap, then snap an adorable photo. 

Little One's Memory Book
2. For when you want to remember every milestone that first year of life, Little One’s Memory Book will help you look back on  every big and little step your little one will accomplish with this sweet memory book.

Personalized ABC What Can I Be Book!
3. For that perfect bedtime story, read your grandchild a Personalized ABC What Can I Be Book! This personalized ABC book is filled with illustrations of grown-up jobs to inspire your little learner.

For those toddlers (age 1-3 years) that you need to keep occupied every moment!

Construction Plate & Utensils
4. For that fussy eater that needs a little extra influence during meal time… this Construction Plate & Utensils makes every meal a construction site of creativity with this plate and set of equipment-inspired utensils.

This Little Explorers Activity Set
5. For those little ones with the desire for travel! This Little Explorers Activity Set  is a backpack filled with portable fun, but still has plenty of room for your little explorer’s imagination.

This  Little Patient doll
6. For that mini med student! This  Little Patient doll is perfect for the little one obsessed with the human body!  It’s what’s inside that counts, and these adorable characters prove it!

For those elementary school age kiddos! 

Mermaid Duvet and Pillowcase Set
7. For that little mermaid lover that wants to dream of having a fin! This Mermaid Duvet and Pillowcase Set will guide your little swimmer into a deep blue dreamland with this whimsical bedding set.

Dinosaur Nightlight
8. For that little guy that might be scared of the dark! This Dinosaur Nightlight
is a glowing guy that is happy towering over toys, not T-Rexes.

Grandparent & Grandchild Letter Book Set
9. For the Grandparent & Grandchild — this is the perfect gift for any grandparent to share with their grandchild! Grandparent & Grandchild Letter Book Set is the perfect way to create a treasured keepsake of the special relationship you share with your grandchild.

For those older kids.. maybe the tweens! 

Global Adventure Cooking Kit
10. For those little aspiring chefs, these colorful, country-specific kits each lead to three authentic, healthy meals that are kid-tested to appeal to young eaters. Key spices and hard-to-find ingredients are included, so budding chefs can do it all themselves–or “just add grownups” anywhere along the way. Kid’s Global Adventure Cooking Kit explores global cuisines and cultures as a family, one country at a time.

Family Charades In-A-Box
11. For that family game night…the Family Charades In-A-Box is an exciting, family game for camping trips, long holidays or after-dinner fun. This set is sure to bring laughs for charades to come.

Grandparent Pen Pal Kit
12. For those grandchildren that might be far away: a handwritten letter. Nowadays it kinda feels like Christmas when you get one. Grandparents and their grandkids share a unique bond (and the best hugs), and this  Grandparent Pen Pal Kit is designed to make it all the stronger—with lots of fun along the way. Both generations can write letters using thoughtful prompts, fun lists, and other engaging activities. Even the envelopes are cheery, with playful illustrations that make each letter feel like—yep—a present you can’t wait to open.