Wow, What A (Holiday) Mess!
There is no one who would ever disagree; the holidays with our families and friends are what create all the memories – and we wouldn’t trade this for anything! But, there’s one thing we know for sure – somewhere, somehow, there’s a mess in the house!  And, the mess left behind can be an overwhelming task after all is said and done. We are passing along some great tips to make the stains vanish, and the clean-up all that easier. Remember, messy times only mean there were good times! So, don’t stress about it, just use these suggestions for a quick and easy way to tidy up. We hope your holidays are great ones!

The best homemade solutions are usually the most effective in removing stains from carpet and upholstery…and simple to make:

Dish Soap:  ¼ tsp of Dawn or Joy mixed with 1-cup water
Vinegar Solution: 1-part vinegar, 1-part water
Ammonia: 1 tbsp. clear ammonia mixed with 1-cup water
Hydrogen peroxide: ½ cup hydrogen peroxide plus 1 tsp ammonia

Keep these solutions on hand and use for the following:

  • Outside dirt tracked inside all over carpets? Vacuum and use our Dish Soap Solution.
  • Snow and Salt: Blot out the alkaline stain that is left and use the Dish Soap Solution.
  • Pee: Soak up with dry towel and apply the Dish Soap Solution.
  • Vomit: Use warm water and blot (don’t rub) – use the Ammonia Solution.
  • Poop: Apply warm water and Dish Soap Solution. After blotting, use the Ammonia Solution to follow.
  • Blood: Cold water and Dish Soap Solution first. Then use Peroxide Solution.


* portions of the article are excerpted and reprinted from Real Simple Family, 2012, p.20